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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You made me Down(so i go)

Everytime i come to you and say Hello,
you will come to me and then you say Goodbye,
in your eyes..
i'm only a stupid barbie girl..

Oh everytime i come to you to confess my love,
you will come to me then you just laugh at all,
in your eyes...
my love is not important~an an~~

i wish i could make you happy,
but since you made me down,down,down,
i felt fell~fell~fell
everytime..time~time so many time..

and now,
since i felt so bad,
i think that i should go~go~go,
oh yes now i will leave you..
and no more you boy...

and now..i just step away..
to find my better life..
oh better life..

and now you will come to me,
and say that you will love me,
but now i just say,
no more chance for ~no more..

repeat cho1 till end.


Emil Akmal said...

try listen to mike posner song's please dont go.

Azeanthy NLizam said...

oo okey..i will listen later..tq2..hehe.