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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stay With Me

This song is dedicated to Shila Suhaimi, the one who has created this lyrics song and asked me for making it a song..with a simple lyrics and simple tune, i hope everything gonna be okey...stay cool..=)

I don't know you
You don't me
we're both busy
doing our own things
we are both in the same place
same stations in life
trying to search for something in life

you looked at me
i looked at you
we talked and started to talk again
we try to do little things
like going out, eating out
and started conversation

We laugh at each other
like a child that never stops smiling
everytime when i'm with you
i'm happy, so happy
stay with me for a while
because i need you
even though you're with someone else


shila suhaimi said...

oh so speechless~
you are so adorable honeyh.
u made my dream song come true.=)

Azeanthy NLizam said...

thank you shila..for the lyrics..i knew its all about your real just enjoy it yaaa.....

shila suhaimi said...

hehe!mana tau ni?of cos its all about n my life.
just got inspiration of that.n u make it real..lalala!feel like to dance now.hihi!